《Shichiho Organic Tea Farm》 Lishan Black Tea (100g) x 1 can 《Taiwan★Order★Souvenir》


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■ Organically grown Lishan black tea from Shichibang Organic Tea Farm
■ The tea plantation of Shichibang Organic Tea Farm is located in Lishan, 2200 meters above sea level. Sufficient sunlight and temperature difference between day and night, Irrigation water collected from a natural mountain hot spring water 2 kilometers away from Yukiha National Park. This is Taiwanese black tea produced using organic farming methods in the best environment for growing tea.
■ Store manager Jennifer Chen actually visited Shichibang Organic Tea Garden and saw the tea garden. I fell in love with the deliciousness of the oolong tea that Lao Pang (the president) personally brewed. I always love drinking it.
■ When we think of black tea, we think of the UK, but tea from Taiwan is actually also exported to the UK. This tea is so popular that even British people drink it.
■ Recommended way to drink: We want you to enjoy the fruity and floral flavor of the tea leaves as is. We recommend drinking it without adding lemon or sugar.
■ Shelf life: 2 years
■ Capacity: 1 can: 150g
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