《Ai no Taste》 Healthy oil-cut decomposed tea 590ml x 6 bottles (Healthy oil-cut decomposed tea) 《Taiwan★Order★Souvenir》


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■ Healthy tea whose main ingredient is Okinawan bitter gourd. It cools the body's heat and breaks down oil. It has a refreshing taste, so even those who don't like bitter melon can enjoy it.
■ Japan's unique bitter melon processing patent ★Concession number 2116101
 Introducing the oil cutting effect of decomposed tea
1. Bitter gourd & bitter melon seeds blend Bitter seeds are extracted from Okinawan bitter gourd using a unique manufacturing method, retaining the best decomposition factors and quickly breaking down fat.
2. Contains catechin and tansy
It is the most known natural combustion ingredient in the world.
 No preservatives or artificial colors added
■ Ingredients: Water, tea leaves, chicory fiber, bitter melon fruit, bitter melon seeds, theanic acid, capsaicin extract, natural flavor.
■ Manufacture : Taiwan -
■ Shelf life : 10 months ■ Directly shipped from Taiwan by airmail. (Arrival within 5 to 14 days after shipping)
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