《Kurokin Denki》 Ice sugar burdock tea (large granules 420g) (Rock sugar burdock tea - large grains) 《Taiwan★Order★Souvenir》


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■ Healthy tea from the famous and long-established Taiwanese Tamsui shop ``Heijin Denchi''! ! !
--Using a secret manufacturing method that has been protected by a long-established store for 100 years.
--A healthy tea with a unique flavor and sweetness!
■ Contents: 35g x 13 packets
■ Shelf life: 1 year (unopened and stored at room temperature)
--Please store in the freezer after opening.
■ Manufacturer: Taiwan (Shiguchi Production Technology Co., Ltd.)
■Package design may vary depending on the season.
■ We will ship directly from Taiwan by airmail. (Arrival within 5 to 14 days after shipping)
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