《Miyahara》 Laokanbo Tea Box (10 bags) (ginger tea/ginger tea) x 2 《Taiwan★Order★Souvenir》(▼900 yen discount)


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■ Ginger tea from Taichung's famous store "Miyahara Eye Clinic"! !
■ Moist and mellow taste! !
■ Plenty of natural ginger to warm you up!
■ Best before date: 6 months
■ Capacity: 20g x 10
■Made in Taiwan: Hiji ▼▼About order▼▼ Since the item will be ordered by courier, shipping charges will apply. If you order one item, it will be a little (considerably) more expensive. -Set of 2 (▼900 yen discount) -Set of 3 (▼2,000 yen discount) -Set of 5 (▼4,000 yen discount) - We have prepared the following, so please take advantage of it.
■ We will ship directly from Taiwan by airmail. (Arrival within 5 to 14 days after shipping)
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