《TATUNG Datong》Electric pot ★Stainless steel all-purpose electric rice cooker (for 10 people) ★Datong boy engraved version ★Orange (TAC-10L-DRU)★ 《Taiwan on order》


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■In Taiwan, every family must have one universal electric pot★Datong Boy engraved version★
--A versatile rice cooker that can steam, simmer, cook, and warm
--A rice cooker that has remained popular since its sales began in 1960.
--The secret of its popularity is its simple structure.
--It won't break. Durable enough to last 20 to 30 years! !
--There are many households without a microwave oven.
--I can't find a home without an electric pot! !
--You can also use an electric pot to warm up cold food! !

"Daido pot ★When using it for the first time"
■Manufacturing: Taiwan Datong Home Appliances
■About security
- Warranty (1 year) for use in Taiwan
--- Thank you for your understanding.
■Product features
(1) Except for the aluminum pot (outer pot), the rest of the outer lid, inner lid, inner pot, and steaming plate are made of SUS304 stainless steel.
(2) Uniform heating, automatic heating cooking
(3) Double cover power cable
(4) Can be used for multiple purposes such as cooking rice/porridge, steaming, stewing, and soup.
■Product specifications
◎Model: TAC-10L-DRU
◎Size: For 10 people
◎Maximum cooking capacity: 1.8 liters (raw rice)
◎Power: 700W
◎Insulating power: 40W
◎Rated voltage: 110V
◎Fixed power cord
◎Body: 1 each of outer pot, inner pot, and outer pot lid
◎Accessories: Inner pot cover, steaming plate, measuring cup, spoon each 1 piece
◎Size: Height 26.5 x Width 34.8 x Depth 29.5 (cm)
◎Weight: 2.8kg
◎Place of origin: Taiwan

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