《T Shike》 Alishan high mountain tea 2g x 48 pieces (Taiwan high quality tea) 《Taiwan★Order★Souvenir》


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■ Alishan high mountain tea from Taiwan "T Shijia" - A tea bag that allows you to easily enjoy tea! !
■ High quality tea from Alishan, Taiwan
--High quality tea grown at a high altitude of 1000-1500 meters above sea level!
■ Delicious way to drink
◇Hot tea◇
--Pour one (te bag) into a cup and pour in (240cc) of cold water.
--Please drink after 5 minutes.
--For those who prefer thinner skin, take 2 minutes.
--If you like it darker, we recommend 3 minutes.
◇Cold tea◇
--Pour one (tea bag) into a cup and pour (240cc) of boiling water,
--Please drink after 2-3 minutes.
--For those who prefer thinner, 4 minutes,
--If you like it darker, we recommend 6 minutes.
■ Contents: 2.0g x 48 pieces
■ Shelf life: 3 years
■ We will ship directly from Taiwan by airmail. (Arrival within 4 to 14 days after shipping)

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